Reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering Services

Azure Avs provides reverse engineering services to a various range of customers and industry sectors, especially for super yachts and luxury properties.

Reverse engineering gives us permission to a fast accurate digitization of objects into an amplified surfaced 3D CAD model. In several cases, yachts status have legacy parts of systems with components that have been interrupted or in other situations adjusted over the years, with no existing an accurate plan. Azure Avs can support you to build a custom plan or to get the documentation in order to get a good functionality of the yacht.

Reverse engineering has grown notably and occupied a firm advance to build detailed data set of the main object, that’s why the principal function of reverse engineering is to personalize the installed systems, delete the copy protection, audit the security and also to add other features without having huge consuming or other similar effects.

Reverse engineering is applied on the following:
1)Boat Hull Surface
2)Speed Boat
3)Yacht Interior

A very important aspect is that reverse engineering is applying laser scanning grant permission for the items to be replaced into a digital CAD format acceptable for modern manufacturing operation, model simulations or examinations.

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