Integrated AV Systems


All of your independent av systems ( such as Audio-Video, inside environment, security system, CCTV, intercom and garden irrigation) can be controlled by using a remote control or smart phone, meaning that they will be integrated in one main system which is able to communicate with you through your mobile phone or your TV screen. One of the key features of this system is that it can send you information about your children, informing you if they are home alone, if the heating is on in one of your rooms or if your water installation pressure falls. Such information can be valuable as it makes your life safer.

When it comes to designing cabling systems and preparing them, we always make sure to prepare them and install everything from structured voice and data network cabling to VoIP phone systems and make your life easier. By choosing us you eliminate the burden of having to contract and dealing with multiple vendors.

Azure AVS provides installation services and solutions to meet the unique needs of every client. We design and install integrated AV systems that work the way you want. It begins with your wishes and then continues with our solutions. We always think about what your exact needs are, how to find a solution for your needs, and we never put a limit on your imagination. Today’s technology can offer you wondrous solutions if they are combined in the proper way. Don’t let anyone tell you that: "this is not possible", technology has evolved as people said: "I want this and I don't accept anything else.” Our solutions include total connectivity between all present devices in your location including Satellite or Terrestrial TV, VoD, AoD, Blu-ray or 3D player, Apple TV, Intercom, CCTV network, YouTube and anything else that you can imagine. All of the devices can be controlled by using a remote control or smart phone... let us show you how your life can be made simpler.

A multi-room system allows you to access all resources from every room without disturbing any other individual and without having to search for the right remote control. Everything will be on your TV screen or on your iPad and all of the information will be very clear and arranged logically. High quality equipment produces dramatically superior sound and images, but what is just as important is the quality of the installation and wiring of the AV system. Everything from the main components to the wiring of the speaker system must be carefully tested and calibrated to ensure that the sound emanates perfectly and does justice to the quality of the equipment that has been selected.

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