Find your CCTV Installers

A close-circuit television (CCTV) system, including cameras, monitors, digital video recorders and (DVRs) is the best surveillance for protection system you can get, allowing you to provide surveillance and protection for your home and business.

Azure AVS works with qualified CCTV installers to offer surveillance system & security camera installation services in all areas.

Determining the perfecr CCTV setup for your home and/or business depends on several factors including size and architecture of your property, the features you are looking to have, the workflow of your employees or process you are encountering. Azure AVS is constantly working to determine the right surveillance system which will suit your needs perfectly.

We totally understand that the most important aspect is to have your business functioning smooth and safe, which is the reason why we offer CCTV systems from the best supplyers in the industry. Azure AVS can help you get up and running every type of camers, from traditional CCTV camera kits to complex commercial systems which incorporate multiple cameras.


The systems we offer have a variety of features to enhance the surveillance and monitoring of any business. We include the following technological capabilities of our security cameras:

  • Analog and IP camera solutions;
  • High definition resolution;
  • Motion-activated light and sound deterrence;
  • Night vision technology;
  • Off-site monitoring and control;


Whether you need our help in setting up the latest CCTV systems using Wi-Fi (IP)-enabled cameras or configuring DVRs for remote viewing on smartphones or tablets, Azure AVS offers you integrated and complete services.

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