We have designed our products in order to simplify the concept of network monitoring. We want to bring better solutions for our customers. We think that if you can imagine it, we can do it for you. Bring the comfort of having it done easy, fast and without ruining your home interior design.

  • Active Real-time Monitors: Get real-time alerts for device statuses as well as monitoring.
  • Unlimited Projects:For a better network traffic diagnosis you can group your network equipment or create an unlimited amount of projects.
  • Automatic Network Discovery:Automaticaly discovers your network and saves your devices into the respective project.
  • 24/7 Network Traffic Log:Thanks to this feature you can access and visualize network traffic log for each device and/or for each network interface.
  • Multiple VLANs: Configure the same VLANs you are using in your existing network.
  • Inventory for The Entire Network:This option allows you to export a list of all your networks equipment that are operating.
  • Network and Project-Specific Top Usage Tables:Vizualize CPU usage, memory usage, disk space usage, current response time, package loss, average traffic for all devices, and interface traffic on fully-configurable top usage tables.
  • Internet Speed Test:It tests your internet connection speed periodically, and it reports if the real speed is under the upload/download configurable limit.
  • Implement Customized Options:Netmap Monitor allows to implement specific changes regarding the monitoring system for your network.
  • Custom Device Icons: The device categories are represented by web icons that can be customized fo a better distinction on the building plan.