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What we offer


Today's technology is able to offer various solutions if combined in a proper way. There is no limit to our imagination and we will do whatever possible in order to make your life much simple.

IT & WiFi networks

Azure AVS is aware that technology is very important for all of us, and that is why is constantly improving its av systems to satisfy your needs every step of the way.

Home Automation

Our main goal is to design specific solutions in order to satisfy every personality and to create a multifunctional system that satisfies your entire needs.

Structured data cablingK

Structured data cabling is one of the first methods that gave us easy access to information and entertainment which entered our homes&business.

AV Systems & WiFi Site Survey

Usually, to make an examination of a system a simple familiarization of the system may be enough, but many times a more comprehensive site survey might come into question.

Reverse Engineering

Azure Avs provides reverse engineering services to a various range of customers and industry sectors, especially for yachts, AV and IT Installations.


A close-circuit television (CCTV) system, including cameras, monitors, digital video recorders and (DVRs) is the best surveillance for protection system you can get..


a few words about us

av systemsNo target is unreachable with us, so whether you need a solution for your home, office or yacht, we are able to assist you. We treat every customer individually and we will offer you multiple technical solutions to choose from, that are suited to your need. Our experts will explain you all the necessary details and will offer you guidance through all the process.
Our main goal is to simplify the concept of network management and to offer complete and integrated solutions, by providing reliable av systems and products.

How we work

image_1We get the job done fast, easy and stress free for you and thanks to us you will see the simplicity of having a single partner that installs everything. We do so by integrating network solutions that streamline your IT environment for operational success.
Why choose us? Some of our staff track record include technical support and installations for some of the biggest and most important properties from French Riviera.

Creating an IT network involves some well-established steps:

-Planning: establishing the final tasks that the IT network has to perform. Our consultants will work with you to identify all your needs and provide you the proper solutions to cover all your expectations regarding the IT network.

-Design: our engineers and technicians will identify the most suitable equipments and routes to meet all the needs you have established with our consultants. We will use the network's final tasks as main targets for all decisions during the design process. Nothing is impossible if we know what you want.

During the process of network planning and design, estimates are made of the expected traffic intensity and traffic load that the network must support. If a network of a similar nature already exists, traffic measurements of such a network can be used to calculate the exact traffic load. If there are no similar networks, then the network planner must use telecommunications forecasting methods to estimate the expected traffic intensity.

-Install: the installation process for all the active and passive equipment (cables, fiber optics, WiFi hotspots, servers ...) has to keep the cost in the limits of the initially planed budget without losing anything from the quality of execution.

-Maintenance: all initial steps must take into account the cost and how it will performs network maintenance; accurate planning and design will result in a lower cost for the maintenance and simplify technical interventions for the equipments that are part of the network.